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What to know: Well produced by high school students, highly entertaining.
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Recommended age 10-14
5 minutes
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Ha ha, I've seen this guy on an airplane I think! Zoe has captured the essence of a crazy germaphobic whose computer stops working and he has to deal with the whole idea of venturing out in public to take it to get repaired. He dresses in the most outrageous outfit, just short of a complete hazmet suit and encounters, what others might deem normal people but, to him are true threats - a girl eating a meal, a woman taking out the trash! But, he's victorious as he enters the computer repair shop and in the next scene see him happily sitting at his computer station with a glass of fine wine. And then, something else breaks down. Can't tell you what but, it's worth watching to find out. Nice student work. Good visuals and audio, well paced, good actors and storyline which is delivered in under 5 minutes. Recommended for ages 10 to 18. 4 out of 5 stars. Waiting for student ID to identify age and school level of student. Reviewed by Julie S., KIDS FIRST! Juror
A germaphobe embarks on an adventure in the real world as he attempts to solve an unfortunate problem.
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