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Recommended age 8-12
15 minutes
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This live action film has a sweet story about a young girl who is determined to not have her new pet pig get eaten by her poor family. She loves her piglet very much and when she learns that her father has a plan to fatten it in order to eat it later, she is determined to put the pig on a diet and even goes as far as to eat its food, causing her to get sick. Because of this, her mother learns that it's a sow and is pregnant and the little girls protection causes the sow's life to be spared so there is a blessing after all. The family is no longer going to be poor or hungry because they can create a business from the sow. She essentially saves the pig and at the end there is the nice surprise that the pig is a sow and is pregnant with piglets. It has a beginning, middle, and end because you see her relationship with the piglet develop but I don't think the story makes sense. It first starts with her mother preparing dinner and her father annoyed that it is the same meal of beans and tortillas. I think so. There wasn't anything inappropriate except for when the father goes behind the mother a little too sensually about craving meat for dinner. We got to see a lot of where she is from while walking her piglet around. We saw that she lives in a nice open land and she's not too far from town. Overall, it was well done. I just don't care for the delivery of the story. In Spanish with English sub-titles. Recommended for KIDS FIRST! Film Festival for ages 8-12. Reviewed by Melanie S., KIDS FIRST! Juror.
The only relief to Valentina�s solitude is an imaginary friend, until the arrival of Pork Chops, a pig who is destined to become her best friend, as well as her family�s Christmas dinner. In Spanish with English sub-titles.
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