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What to know: Great story, great lesson! A kid saves the day by sugesting his father recycle.
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Recommended age 3-8
4 minutes
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Great story, great lesson! A kid saves the day by suggesting to his father that he recycle and it teaches that recycling is good. There's a visual example of kids in this film and we all learn concepts better when we see examples instead of being told. This is an awesome, cute, little film teaching kids to be socially responsible. There's nothing wrong with running a business but we must remember to be responsible. Visually, this is a great short film. The story flows well with a beginning, middle and end. It makes sense and is very watchable. This film is definitely suitable for all audiences. Sound quality is great. The production quality is excellent. There is a social responsibility that one must respect. The same way that the father neglected that one day his resources would run out, this too can happen in other aspects. Highly recommended for KIDS FIRST! Film Festival for ages 3-8. Reviewed by Melanie S., KIDS FIRST! Juror
Don Juan is a very funny inventor who lives with his young son Diego, who loves nature. After testing his latest machine for making cakes, Diego amazed to see the terrible consequences that his father's invention causes to the environment and the waste it produces. Could Diego help solve the problem?
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