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What to know: An adorable film about a young girl who deals with her grief by taking off on a big adventure.
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9 minutes
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This adorable film has fun and adventurous characters that I love. The most appealing thing about it is the story and the unique backgrounds and scenery. Children will enjoy it because it is very cute and they would love seeing this girl adventuring, going into the wild and the open having a good time with her best friend, her stuffed animal turtle. It flows well and makes sense although they don't explain the situation with her dad very well. We don't know if he is dead or always at work or why he's not around. The production values are pretty good. The sound is clear most of the time except it is a bit muffled when she is on the train. The sets and locations are fantastically beautiful. I loved the places they chose because they are quite stunning and fit the scenes. The little girl and her stuffed turtle are very cute and quite different from kids that you see in most movies today. The little girl seems like just a normal kid which makes it feel very real. I really like this short film. It is very child friendly and I can see someone watching it over and over. I recommend it for the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival for ages 7 to 18. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.
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Dunes takes the audience on a journey through grief from the perspective of an adventurous, curious and imaginative young girl named Archie. When Archie's mum is unexpectedly called to work Archie decides on her next exploration. Archie and her father used to be explorers together - they'd go on imaginative trips to locations from her favorite children's books, such as Deepest Darkest Peru (aka the Blue Mountains) and the Lost City of Atlantis (aka Sydney Aquarium). With her turtle, Snappy, by her side, she crosses the Great Arabian Desert (aka Cronulla), for her first adventure without her father to become 'Archie of Arabia!'
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