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Recommended age 12-18
92 minutes
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This script is more than just a sci-fi fiction thriller that entertains. It teaches about friendship and acceptance. I feel that this is an important theme for the age group 12 to 18. The characters are the strongest aspect of the film but the story line is very creative and flows well from beginning to end. It is appealing and engaging and has commercial potential. I can imagine this on the big screen with wild and creative outer space adventure scenes. I give this 4 out of 5 stars and it is perfect for the ages intended. All Star.
Starflake, is little white-haired girl who lives on an asteroid in the asteroid belt of the planet Silver Valley. She is a Starbabe, a being who can exist in outer space without any need for life support. A rogue team of four Deep Space Ranger Cadets, mounted on rocket cycles, is on a mission to rescue their fellow cadets who are trapped on the planet Kafka, under the control of the mad alien computer, ALIEC. When they run across Starflake (Star), they see in her a being who can maneuver the slim vent leading to ALIEC and not be bothered by the poisonous atmosphere surrounding ALIEC. Thirsting for adventure, Star joins the Bikers. They land on Kafka, and set up camp. At first they want Star to take a bomb to ALIEC, but since they have begun to care for her, they think it's too dangerous and decide to use a remote control bomb. When their fellow cadets, under ALIEC's mind control, attack them Star decides to take matters into her own hands. She crawls through the vent to ALIEC's chamber uses a special mind coin to drive ALIEC totally insane. The computer melts down and the cadets are free. The Bikers boost Star up on their shoulders to show their respect for her. Star remarks how she is finally tall and Lydia says to her that she is always tall when supported by those who love her. Star says: "Then I must be the tallest person in the galaxy."
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