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What to know: Very moving and emotional.
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Recommended age 10-18
7 minutes
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This short film is so very moving. I was not prepared for the ending but what an ending. All the things she wanted to talk to her mom about on her birthday, she did. Little did the audience know that her mom has died and this was her way of coping with her loss. Very powerful statement piece. I highly recommend that it only be played for a young adult or teen audience as the subject is very sad. Any young child who has recently lost a parent or loved one may find this a big "too real". It is also well suited for a spiritual film festival or student film festival. The story is about a young girl who is having a birthday party for her mother who has passed away. This is a very sad but warm film that will help you appreciate your mom in more ways than one. It reminds us to enjoy our mom's company. The production values are pretty good. The images are clear. The sets are well selected. The costumes are appropriate. One issue I have is the sound. There are a couple of rough spots when the two kids are fighting and when the girls go to get the cake. I recommend it for kids ages 10 to 18. I give it 4 out of 5 stars. Reviewed by Tina B. and Morgan B., KIDS FIRST! Juror and KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.
Sweet and touching birthday wish from young Lily to her mom.
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