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What to know: Appealing feature with unique animation and sounds.
Recommended age 7-12
10 minutes
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Very enjoyable student film from Taiwan. The most appealing feature of this film is its unique animation which reminds me of appliqu� in the way the characters and scenes appear to be sewn onto the background. I believe children will enjoy this film because of its message which says, before you say you do not like something, give it a try. It is presented in a simple and fun way. The visuals and sounds are unique and entertaining. The film opens introducing us to Fifi and, as it moves along, we see how she rejects eating fruit without any concrete reason. Fifi dislikes eating fruit, while her twin brother is a fruit-eating monster. One of the relatives says "Someone stole Fifi's fruit-eating gene." As the story develops, Fifi's brother tries several ways to get Fifi to at least try eating fruit. The visuals are quite appealing. And the story shows many family members, Fifi's brother, grandmother and cousin try different says to get Fifi to eat fruit. I like when it shows Fifi's introduction to fruit, one at a time and then making a smoothie. I recommend this student short to be included in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival for ages 6 to 12. Reviewed by Juanita S. L. KIDS FIRST! Juror.
Fifi doesn't like to eat fruit but her twin brother loves all kinds of fruit. The grownups wonder why the twin are so different and whisper "the brother must have eaten up her fruit-eating gene." Wondering what "fruit-eating gene" is, the brother comes up with an operational plan to save his sister's "fruit-eating gene."
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