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Recommended age 5-18
28 minutes
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This story is very magical and extremely charming. The fact that it is based on a Russian fairy tale makes it feel simple yet effective. I love being exposed to other cultures' fairy tales and folklore, especially through film.The relationship between the girl and the elderly couple is very sweet and reminds me of loving grandparents that many of us have fond memories of. It is cool that the director implies that she comes to life from a snowman. Seeing the girl interact with objects such as mirrors and baking is very cute. The relationship between Vlad and the Snowgirl is not a typical love story relationship, which is something I particularly like about this film. The cinematography is very beautiful, maybe it's just because I'm always a sucker for snow. The acting is very good and immensely believable. The ending is beautiful and sad. It made me cry. I think this fairy tale concept is perfect as a short film and I would not change a thing. Reviewed by Calista B., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. Recommended for ages 8 to 18. 4.5 out of 5 stars. Dialogue is in Russian with English sub-titles.
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A mysterious girl appears in the lives of an elderly childless couple and a troubled young man and transforms their understanding about love and life. Loosely based on the Russian fairy tale about Snegurochka, this story is about miracles , but also about trusting the divine forces at work.
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