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What to know: Although a well liked message does not draw audience in needs to be tightend up more.
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Recommended age 7-18
7 minutes
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I really like the message of this film however, I found it didn't really draw me in. Excluding people is a form of bullying as this points out but it doesn't quite make a story out of it. Its seems to move along sort of in bits and pieces. We see a girl who is excluded from the clique, then befriended by one girl, then invited to sit with the clique, then she chooses not to, then the friend she made leaves the clique too to hang with her. The student actors play their roles well. I think it is just not quite ready for exposition. It needs a little tweking either in terms of editing or script in order to make it more interesting. The camera work is quite good although there are lots of shadows in the outdoor parts. The audio is clear and I like the background music. Occasionally, it's difficult to hear what people are saying. The storyline is not unique but I don't have a problem with that. I just want it tightened up a bit. I do not recommend this for the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival at this time. Reviewed by Jolleen M and Julie S., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic and KIDS FIRST! Juror.
Michelle is used to being excluded and bullied by the 'popular girls', but when she meets Sabrina, that all changes.
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