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10 minutes
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Crushed is a sweet short film with a good concept and lesson. The story follows a bully named Braxton. He rules the school with his intimidating behavior and countless victories in arm wrestling. He strolls around the school with his crew who help maintain his reputation throughout the school. Students feel powerless against this bully. One day, a new girl who doesn't fear Braxton arrives. She brings with her hope for the students who cower in fear whenever Braxton appears. Those students rally her to take on Braxton and claim his title in arm wrestling. Little does she know, Braxton is in love with her. On the surface, Crushed already sounds like an original comedy, but it manages to convey a heartfelt message about forgiveness and second chances by the end. I liked the main character. Normally, you don't like the bully in a film such as this one. But the fact that Braxton is both a protagonist and antagonist is very interesting. Braxton is not a great person and he is flawed, but something about his personality and his decision to apologize for how mean he was to his classmates makes his character likable. I give this film 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival.
The Hurricane runs this small town middle school until the new girl arrives and he develops his first crush. What wouldn't a bully do for love?
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