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What to know: Revealing documentary about a young man whose life is in turmoil due to the civil war in Syria.
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Recommended age 13-18
10 minutes
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This student short reveals a story about a young boy whose life has been thrown into turmoil thanks to the civil war in Syria. It is well told and brings home the impact this war has on human beings. For Americans who live so far away, it is a lesson with great impact. What if this happened to you? What would you do? Recommend for KIDS FIRST! Film Festivals for ages 13 to 18 and give it 4 out of 5 stars. Reviewed by Julie S., KIDS FIRST! Juror
Turkoman Besir and his family forced to flee to T�rkiye from Syria because of their village was bombed in the civil war of Syria. Besir's dream because the civil war was being a doctor and helping people, but after , he Is just smiling and not answering to the question "What's your dream?". The family which fell apart and living different cities because of the T�rkiye's living conditions, trying to continue their lifes. Besir have to work, away his mother and without see her. Then he started to mix trashes and collect waste papers and cardboards.
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