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What to know: Highly entertaining tour of New York City, offering pearls of wisdom and stunning photography.
Recommended age 12-18
55 minutes
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This highly-entertaining tour of New York City, focus?s?e??s largely on Manhattan, ta?king viewers from Battery Park to Harlem, occasionally offering little pearls of wisdom about its most iconic buildings, structures and spaces (the Guggenheim Museum is best experienced by starting from the top so you can take in the artwork on the walls of its distinctive circular design as you make your way down). Though necessarily painted in broad strokes with a running time of just under an hour, this PBS program hits all the expected highlights, from Ellis Island to Wall Street, jazz clubs, museums, Broadway and Times Square. Backed by a blend of jazz and classical music, narrator Frank Deford waxes enthusiastically to often-stunning aerial photography of the streets and skyscrapers, most notably in a sequence covering Central Park. While lifelong New Yorkers won't be surprised by much of the material, anyone familiar with the City That Never Sleeps will bask in the brisk editing and many shots of the constantly moving city from street level and above. Recommended for ages 12 ?to 18 as well as adults. I give this 4 out of 5 stars. ?Reviewed by Michael Fishman, KIDS FIRST! Juror?
New York City has long been a symbol of the American Dream, the first stop for immigrant families for generations - and in modern times the symbol of America's continuing strength. The vivid film offers striking views of New York: the harbor from Lady Liberty's perspective; Central Park as the birds experience it; the crucifix architecture of St. Patrick's Cathedral as intended from the heavens; neighborhoods from the Lower East Side, Little Italy, Chinatown, Harlem, and the Upper West Side, and more. Aerial and ground footage highlight the city's iconic images, boundless energy and enduring allure.
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