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What to know: The story is about a little girl named Abby who has a big imagination.
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Recommended age 8-12
12 minutes
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I think it's a great little film that shows that children are resilient and that they can overcome life's biggest obstacles. The story is about a little girl named Abby who has a big imagination. She is very interested in space exploration and her mother tells her that she can do whatever she puts her mind to, telling her to "reach for the stars." She spends a lot of time playing in her spaceship, which is constructed out of empty boxes. When she is in her ship, she travels to space. Midway through the movie, her mother dies and she has a hard time coping. She destroys her space ship, seemingly to give up on her dreams. But things turn around for her and her father and she begins to put more effort into completing her homework and doing well in school. Her father sends her to a space camp with a note saying "the sky's the limit," the words her mother used to say. He fixes her spaceship and she gets excited about learning again. The film flows very well and the story makes perfect sense. Visually, the cinematography is very clear, as is the sound quality. I particularly enjoyed the background music. It is empowering to children and, though the topic heavy - coping with Death of a loved one - it is addressed sensitively. I give this 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it to ages 8 to 12. Reviewed by Amanda M., KIDS FIRST! Juror
Imaginative little girl Abby is going to explore the stars. She even has her own a cardboard spacecraft. But the destiny of stars is to collapse, and when tragedy strikes suddenly, Abby must learn how to find light in the dark.
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