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What to know: Cute, well produced.
Recommended age 3-6
5 minutes
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I highly recommend Carl's Car Wash: Gus's Garbage Truck for the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival. It's very cute and well done. I love watching educational shows that are meant for pre-school aged children. It always gives me ideas regarding how to teach toddler my son. I love how the show embeds learning moments when Gus takes his garbage truck to the car wash and Carl selects the type of vehicle, the level of messiness and other things. Also, Carl the viewer helps the customer count tokens. Very nice early math and language skills. There are funny little jokes that small children will appreciate. The animation is simple and brightly colored which helps hold kid's attention. The voices and background noises are well done and help keep you interested in the story. It has a great structure and is well designed for its target audience. One of our favorite things is during the actual car wash. The bubbles are fun to watch and brightly colored. My son loved that. I want a car wash like this. The only thing I am a bit disappointed is lack of cultural diversity. All the characters are white. Darn, this is cutely educational and I highly recommend it but, for lack of diversity have to mark it down a bit. I believe this is well suited for ages 3 to 6 and give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.
Yikes! Gus's garbage truck is trashed! What a stinky mess! Time to head to Carl's Car Wash to get this rubbish truck all cleaned up! Can Carl can choose the right car wash settings to get Gus's garbage truck sparkling clean?
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