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What to know: Love the excitement and creativity of the protagonist.
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Recommended age 8-18
90 minutes
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I really enjoyed this film. One thing that appealed to me is the interest and love that Isabel has for her father's filmmaking career, which is in crisis. She asks, "what is cinema?" I enjoyed her excitement and creativity to make a film as part of a classroom project with her fellow classmates. It is very interesting to watch Bebel volunteer to use her father's equipment before she asks him permission. We see in her an element of stubbornness that leads to her father first objecting to her using his equipment to showing her how to use it. I believe tweens and teens will enjoy this film because it's message is about beauty, love and caring for others. It shows family fun and closeness. This film shows some film history and introduces us to the some of the early inventors of film and cinema, Lumiere and Melies. We see glimpses of acting by silent screen stars Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. Bebel interviews family members, friends and a stranger she encounters on the street. In her interviews, she asks each person three moving questions: 1. What is life?; 2. What do you like most?; 3. What is your biggest dream? We also see the beautiful countryside of Brazil. I recommend this film for ages 8 to 18 and give it 4 out of 5 stars. The visuals of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chapman interwoven with Bebel's story adds a sense of inspiration and art. I highly recommend this film for the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival. You should know that the dialogue is in Portuguese with English sub-titles. Reviewed by Juanita L., KIDS FIRST! Juror
Father, what's cinema?
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