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Recommended age 8-12
4 minutes
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This story is based on every mother's worst nightmare, losing a child. The director, Sage Christian Drake shot movie in black and white with one color scene at the end, as the issue is resolved. This is a brilliant way to emphasize a cheerful ending. Although the topic is disturbing, and you can feel the terror in the mother when she discovers that her daughter is tone, it is highly suitable to a youth and family audience. The film stays on topic shows how the girl gets lost as completely plausible. Take your eyes off your young child for a moment, in a busy holiday mall environment and boom, she is gone. The film is completely non-narrative with suitably emotional background music. Rachel Cheng's performance as the mother is very believable, but my favorite character is the daughter played by Annabella Lew. The take away I got from this short film is to always have a plan in case you get separated from your child
A short silent film about a mother who accidentally loses her small daughter in a shopping mall during the Christmas holiday season.
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