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4 minutes
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Daisy's Oracle is an endearing short film with a delightful score. The story line follows a young girl named Daisy who is sent to walk her dog. On this walk, her conflict begins when she finds a note that interests her. Daisy works on decoding the meaning of the letter so she can reply. She consults with her friends and they say the key lies all within a flower. I enjoyed this short a lot, particularly the score. The acting is also quite good and it's well shot. The music helps enhance the feeling of the urban setting where Daisy lives, while at the same time capturing the mystery of Daisy's predicament. While the camerawork isn't groundbreaking, it succeeds in telling Daisy's story. Kids could relate to this film. It flows well and makes sense. And, the ending is satisfying
Before we knew that love was a choice, we relied of the on the power of the petal. A belief that each petal lost from the stem pulled us closer to the answer. Do we suffer alone, or do we get to be with one that loves us? Daisy takes us on the journey of young love and how we relinquish our decisions to stories shared by others.
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