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Recommended age 10-18
12 minutes
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A lemonade stand is a metaphor for life and dealing with bad behavior. This film delivers a poignant message about a way two girls deal with the bullies across the street. I wasn't sure about this film at first since we see a boy verbally abused by his dad, who is unbelievably mean and insulting. However, there is a powerful message in this film and, in the end, the boy makes a positive choice. It teaches an important lesson about getting along with others and shows insight and awareness on a tough subject. Bullying is real and something children can relate to. Kids can learn from the message of this film. It teaches skills about getting along with others. The acting is really quite good. The sound quality is good and the scenes are simple but suitable for the storyline. It flows well and the actors are believable. There is some inappropriate language by the dad in the beginning, but it is brief and something that happens in real life. In the end, the boy who is abused at home makes a positive choice.
Take a Stand tells the story of two girls who start a neighborhood lemonade stand and two boys who decide to use grapefruit as a weapon against them. When the conflict becomes more serious than any of them expected, one of them has to make a bold decision to change things for the better.
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