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What to know: A good hearted documentary brings to our attention the life of Garry Davis, founder of the World Citizen movement and the origins of his organization.
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Recommended age 10-18
84 minutes
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Inspiring and highly recommended for KIDS FIRST! Film Festivals. This good hearted documentary brings to our attention the life of Garry Davis, founder of the World Citizen movement and the origins of his organization. It's premise is that people aren't really all that different from one other, once you get rid of labels. This film will appeal to many people, from young kids to young adults and older adults. Its message is one that anyone can follow. This film reminds me of some of the games that I played when I was younger. In one, one the game's characters goes into space and sees Earth without borders, without wars, without governments dividing us and with no ideological or theological differences. She just sees Earth. In another game, a similar thing happens, but the character equates the Earth to a little kid that humanity has to protect. This film flows well, although it does slow down at points, but I never lost interest when watching it. In terms of language, it is pretty clean with some slight profanity. When Garry Davis' brother is killed in combat, Davis states that he wants to "get these bastards." Another instance comes at the film's beginning when showing newsreel footage of the aftermath of the bombing of Hiroshima, but there is a disclaimer before it is shown. The production is really well made. In certain places where no footage was available for a particular event, stills are used to continue the narrative. The only production issue I saw was some mild screen tearing towards the top of the frame during some scenes. However, it is minor. More importantly, this movie shows the life of a man who believed that the world's inhabitants would no longer have conflicts with each other if they could live together as one nation. Narrated by Martin Sheen. Leonardo Dicaprio, George Clooney, Eva Longoria, Will Ferrell, Julie Benz, Jason Biggs, Eddie Izzard, Damian Marley all appear in this film
WARNING: WATCHING THIS MAY CAUSE YOU TO THINK YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. A comedian, desperate to stop a war, pulls off an act of political comedy so gutsy and eye-opening that it sparks a huge movement -- drawing Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, Albert Camus and a cast or thousands into what Martin Sheen calls "a roadmap to a better future."
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