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What to know: a sensitive, engaging exploration of grief and mourning from a child?s point of view.
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Recommended age 8-14
12 minutes
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This student film is a sensitive, engaging exploration of grief and mourning from a child?s point of view. The filmmaker makes good use of music, location, props and his actors to convey the sense of loss when a husband and father dies and the family?s circumstances change as a result. There are well-integrated elements of fantasy combined with the narrative, which adds a lightness and imagination to what could be a heavy subject. The film is beautifully shot and evocative, combining realism with touches of fantasy to further the story line. It is well constructed with good use of music to evoke mood and emotion. Visually appealing, good use of light and dark, interesting old house with antiques stashed in the attic and good characters. Kids will identify with the young boy's active imagination that sometimes gets him in trouble with his mom. For kids that have lost a parent or close friend, this is especially poignant. Because of the subtitles, it is best suited for kids that read
After the death of his father, Lucas, a 9-year-old kid with an overactive imagination, moves with his Mom to his grandparents' house. There, he will find a room full of antiques and an old door, although it is closed and he doesn't have the key. Hence, Lucas will start pondering what wonders may he encounter on the other side. 'The Door' explores mourning and grief from a child's perspective.
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