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What to know: Great film, filled with emotion.
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Recommended age 8-18
90 minutes
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This is a great film, filled with emotion. It takes place in India and gives us insight into the culture of these people, particularly of the young boy who is the protagonist. The story is about a boy and his relationship with his dog. He initially gets the dog for protection, but the dog slowly becomes part of the family. It film combines 2D animation and live action although, after the opening scene, it is live action. The production quality is very good, with some very atmospheric and emotional shots. The soundtrack is also quite impressive. The songs seem like they are being sung by the main character, the young boy Sanju. Some lyrics are in English. Children will need to be able to read the sub-titles, but they are easy to keep up with. The movie flows very well. I especially like how the characters walk from one scene into another. Children will enjoy this film because they will be able to relate to Sanju and how he feels. The film moves at a good pace. The message of this film is how a dog's loyalty. Dogs are loyal no matter what and can become your best friend. Sanju learns that he is more than just an unlucky boy because he is loved. I like that at times it shows the dog's point of view in some scenes. The story flows very well, makes sense and is enjoyable. The cinematography is excellent. It is very watchable, even with the subtitles. The sound quality is very good as are the many different sets and locations. The costumes are very believable. The people seem to be the characters they play. The movie is in Tamil with English subtitles.
It's an emotional relationship between A 5 year old kid and a Dog...
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