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What to know: Very well made.
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Recommended age 8-13
10 minutes
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Great movie! I love the story and its message. It is very well made! Many members of the cast have an imdb page and have been in other movies. I really like that the boy is able to earn money to buy the "cool" game that all the other kids have, but in the end realizes there are more important things. This is entirely without dialogue so the images are omnipotent. It is very well shot with believable acting and good background music. The storline is very realistic and believable. The one issues I have is that, after the boy steals the groceries, he realizes his wrong and returns to the story to place the money on the counter. Unfortunately, the owner is not around so he doesn't know who left the money and probably didn't even realize the theft. This doesn't really show the boy owning up to his mistake. I think children will like the message and appreciate the efforts the boy makes and the lessons he learns. The story flows well and makes sense. It is very watchable! It has a relatable, wholesome message. I recommend it for ages 8 to 13 and give it 4 out of 5 stars
11-year-old Mike feels secluded in his new school and develops an obsession to buy a fancy augmented reality toy that the other kids are playing with together. His single mother cannot afford to buy it, so Mike sets out on a quest to collect the funds on his own and buy the game no matter what, so he could finally make friends at school.
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