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What to know: Empowering documentary about 11-year-old "Children's Mayor".
Recommended age 8-15
15 minutes
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This empowering short documentary is a well-crafted film about 11-year-old "Children's Mayor" Yassine, whose Moroccan background in The Netherlands makes him sensitive to the need for children of all races and religions to get along. Yassine seeks to diminish prejudices among children, knowing that would make the world they inherit a better place. His message is inspiring, inclusive, and motivational -- no matter your age. It is well made, with an appealing subject that young people and parents can relate to. I would have liked to know more about what Yassine did with his year of being mayor, though I gathered that he made a lot of presentations during that time. The film shows that children have many avenues to help change their world and that being different does not have to hold one back. Ii\n fact, that is this film subject. It is motivation to achieve more as an individual and for society. It is made in a traditional documentary style, well conceived and perfect for school aged children, both in terms of content and the subtitles. The sound quality is excellent, with accurate subtitles. The camerawork moves with Yassine, and therefore keeps the film from becoming static. It is fun to see Christmas celebrated in another part of the world and what other kids are doing to be involved in shaping their communities. I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 8 to 15. Reviewed by Ann B and Julie S., KIDS FIRST! adult jurors.
Yassine, an ambitious 11-year-old Moroccan-Dutch boy, wants to get rid of prejudice. That's why he became a children's mayor. In The Netherlands, Moroccan people have a bad name. Yassine suffers from this prejudice as well. But he has a marvelous plan to solve this problem.
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