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What to know: An endearing film about a young girl who dreams of goig into space, but has a wrench thrown into her works and has to regroup.
ALICE IN THE SKY WITH COMETS is in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival - it may not be a regular, endorsed title
Recommended age 12-18
27 minutes
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Alice in the Sky With Comets is such an endearing film about a young girl whose dream is to go into space, but is dealing with her loss of vision. This film tackles the issues of gender inequality, women in science and female empowerment. It truly is a beautiful film that encourages young girls to follow their dreams and never lose hope. Alice, played by Emma Bergeron, captivates you from the get go with her imagination. She is such a strong female character with an extensive knowledge of astronomy beyond her age and is determined to make her dreams become real by becoming an astronaut. Despite the premature degeneration of her eyes, Alice still manages to hope that her eyes will heal after her eye surgery. Emma Bergeron portrays Alice's inspiration and ambitions in a heart-felt way. I hope to see Emma in more films in the future! The sound quality of the film is great and the camerawork, especially certain shots, really stand out. The shots that are shown through Alice's eyes are so well done. The sporadic, blurry shots seen through Alice's glasses are extraordinary and unique. The stop motion scenes practically take place in space. I love the way the cinematographer reveals parts of the story through Alice's eyes. The colors that Alice sees, especially through her yellow glasses, are so vivid and dazzling on screen. As for the sets, the scenes in the car are really well shot, especially the shots with Alice's father looking into his rearview mirror. The quality of the entire film is superb and would look great on the big screen. The subtitles would be easier to read on a large screen as well. This film tackles the issue of gender inequality, women in science, astronomy and female empowerment. It opens with a scene in Alice's classroom when Alice tells the teacher and the class that her dream is to become an astronaut. Without missing a beat, one of her classmates says that girls cannot be astronauts because they are not strong enough. Alice's teacher tells Alice that she can be whatever she wants to be. Alice's fascination with space and her knowledge of the universe is inspiring to young women. You should know that the dialogue is in French with English sub-titles. I believe this film might inspire young girls who are interested in astronomy or any kind of science. It empowers girls to follow their dreams and most importantly, the story is told from a girl's perspective. The story flows quite well and kept me engaged the whole film. There is a clear continuity in the story. I give this film 5 out of 5 stars, because it is very creative and unique and has a positive and beautiful message about following your dreams. I love how the children in Alice's class help bring her dreams to life by creating papier-m�ch� planets and an entire galaxy. I recommend this film to kids ages 12 to 18. There is some profanity in the film, which made me not recommend it for kids under the age of 12. Reviewed by Chandler D. KIDS FIRST! Juror.
Alice, 9 years old, has a dream : later she will be an astronaut. But a serious eye disease makes it impossible. Until a surgeon and a strange hospital roommate make her see that dream differently.
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