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What to know: Inspiring political messages: More power to shy people! Brave voices can be heard.
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Recommended age 5-18
20 minutes
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More power to shy people! This film shows that brave voices can be heard and can make a difference in this world. Grassroots movements can sway politicians! This is a great reminder that government is meant to be "for the people." Allison (Jillie Simon), the grade school teacher, is quite the heroine in this film. She encourages her students to speak up and communicate their various concerns to adults. At the same time, she's a strong advocate for justice and change. She's great at respectfully telling others how to right their wrongs. Her efforts at improving people's lives are supported by her boyfriend, who shows her genuine love. The arrogance of Congressman Eric Roberts is truly irritating, as he tries to push his weight around. It's no surprise to see a female citizen being forcefully escorted out of the building where the congressman is holding a meeting. Once the news media catches him in the act of abusing power, he changes his tune and supports Allison's pro-lunch program pitch. I really enjoyed the peppy and energetic musical score by Thomas Simon. It truly enhances the film's impact in a positive way. The camera work and editing are very well done. I give credit to the filmmaker for excellent audio recording and direction. The cast is well chosen as well. Allison's personality is very bubbly. She has a great mix of positive work ethic, social consciousness and a fun relationship with her boyfriend. My favorite part of the film is seeing the school kids strike for the reinstatement of their suspended teacher. Their passion is admirable! What a powerful way to spend recess! The message of this film speaks of the importance of caring for our children, both locally and internationally. Many kids from disadvantaged families show up at school undernourished and hungry, and it adversely impacts their ability to focus and learn. For example, it is difficult for them to function at a high level if they don't get proper amounts of protein. Government programs should at least subsidize protein-rich meals. Likewise, the government should pass and enforce regulations to help preserve our environment. I truly enjoyed this film and highly recommend it for the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival, especially any that have a focus on social issues or education. I give this 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 18. Adults will enjoy it as well. Reviewed by Jeff M., KIDS FIRST! Adult Juror.
An idealistic grade school teacher has a fear of speaking up in public (other than in front of her kids). But when she finds out that children in her school are going hungry - thanks to federal cutbacks - it compels her to do things she wouldn't have thought she could do, including confronting a Congressman, to help out the children.
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