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What to know: Great storyline, subtle messages about teamwork and getting along with others.
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Recommended age 4-18
105 minutes
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This screenplay has great entertainment value and I can picture it on the big screen. It is a modern day story. The characters are likable and well developed. It tells an appealing story and, although there have been other stories or movies where the characters explore the virtual reality gaming world, this story stands out enough with its differences. It flows well, has an easy to follow story line and will entertain children. There is a subtle message about teamwork and getting along with others, especially younger siblings.

The story line flows well from beginning to ending and is appropriate for the target age. The characters are a strong point and I found them quite entertaining. Their dialogue is believable and kids will relate to the story. There is conflict between the younger and older brothers and I like that there is a resolution where they learned to work together. The only weakness was the ages of the two brothers. To make it more realistic, the younger brother should be a couple years older or the older brother a couple years younger. Five years is a big difference in age, especially in the beginning with the school situation. Realistically I think the ages being closer would make more since the 7-year-old seems a little older in his behavior and the older brother could be 12 but seems more like 10 years old. I can picture kids in this age range speaking the way they do in the script, so the dialogue is very believable. I believe that it has potential and that the scenes in the Game World are particularly entertaining and would be fun to watch on a big screen. This is well written with very few grammar, punctuation or spelling mistakes. It flows well from beginning to ending and the characters are all developed. It meets or exceeds the KIDS FIRST! criteria, is appealing and engaging. I give this 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 8 to 18. Some adults may enjoy it, especially if they like gaming. Reviewed by Denise B., KIDS FIRST! Juror.

Bug wants nothing more, than to earn the respect of his big brother, Tobi, and his friends. Eager to prove that he can hang with the big kids, Bug uses a cheat code, for their favorite video game, that he found online. Instead of instantly making him a master of the game, however, it transports him, and his brother, to an elaborate, virtual world, where they meet new friends, and battle strange, and powerful adversaries. Now, they must learn to believe in themselves, trust in each other, and ultimately win as a team, in order to beat the game and return home.
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