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What to know: Shows how meditative fishing can be.
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Recommended age 5-18
4 minutes
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Highly recommended!. I have to admit, this is one of my favorite short films of this season. It is exactly what I look for in terms of programming for youth and families. It is bright, happy, imaginative and inspiring! What a delight. And the ending just brings a huge grin to your face. This short film shows how meditative fishing can be while on a summer vacation or weekend getaway. It's a great incentive to wake up in the morning, especially when you've got a special fishing pole to use. The Fisher Girl goes straight for her fishing rod and fly lures, skipping breakfast. Dressed in bright pink jacket and matching shoes, she wades out into the pond water, casts out her line and quickly catches a couple of fish. Based on how gently she removes the hook from each fish's mouth, you feel her admiration for the creatures. You get the sense that these fish will live happily ever after in her indoor fish tank. They will skip the dinner table! I love the cinematography. It has great camera angles and a wonderfully playful point of view. The underwater shots are exceptionally fun. The camera angles make the fish seem a lot larger underwater, compared to how puny they look dangling from the fishing line out of the water. The background music sounds very Oriental and gives the impression of underwater motion. The outer cylinder that the fishing rod is stored in raises my curiosity. Why is a fishing pole stashed inside a decorated container? It seems very Japanese in nature. My favorite part is watching just the girls' feet and hands move across the screen during the first half of the film. You do not see her face for quite a while, so it makes one wonder where she is going and what is she about to do. I also like the way she gingerly and respectfully removes the rod from its container. It seems as if it is some type of traditional ceremony, maybe passed down from one generation of her family to the next. The message of the film seems to be about respecting your property and also valuing what nature has to offer. Treat your equipment well and you will live to fish another day! It inspired me to try fishing as a hobby. Maybe it will help me wake up earlier in the morning with a stronger sense of purpose. Perhaps it will motivate me to set up an indoor aquarium at home and raise some tropical fish. It gets me thinking about tying my own fly lures, since I like making things and working with my hands. Fishing would also be a fun thing to do with friends. It seems like a pleasant social activity. I give this film 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 18. I think it would make a dandy addition to any film festival for youth and families. By Jeff M., and Julie S., KIDS FIRST! Adult Critics
For many of us, we work hard all year and then only get to spend our two weeks of vacation on fly fishing. We fly hundreds of miles to rivers that measure fish-per-mile in the thousands and have elusive new species to catch. We spend thousands of dollars on gear to maximize our precious time on the water. This film hearkens back to the time in our youth when our fishing gear was easily carried in one hand, when we measured our trips in steps, where each fish mattered and every species was relished.
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