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What to know: Strong characters, gerat dialogue and scene descriptions.
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Recommended age 11-18
111 minutes
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MYTHTANIA is a made up place with mythical creatures that are entertaining and fun to read about. I can imagine this film on a big screen with amazing scenes featuring the creatures and humans. It has conflict, resolution and lessons to be learned about pride, friendship and working together. The characters are the strongest aspect of this screenplay. I loved the dialogue and scene descriptions. It is entertaining, fun to follow and flows well. Besides that, there are some moral lessons to be learned about friendship, pride and not being a bully. It has amazing mythological creatures and some pretty cool humans. The scenery descriptions are really done well. I like that there is a reference to the music soundtrack. I do think it has the potential for some pretty amazing scenes. It is entertaining and, although it is mythological I believe that teens would relate to the human characters, especially Owen. I also think the dialogue is realistic and there is adventure and humor. There is conflict when the two human kids show up in MYTHATANIA and it is resolved as the two kids become friends with the creatures. I really liked how UNEE the Unicorn learns to swallow his pride and learn what friendship is all about. The Characters and dialogue were my favorite part so I would score this with 23 points out of 25. I felt that I got to know the characters and look forward to reading about their future adventures and I got the impression that this is more or less a series. I think that the script is done quite well and I don't really have any changes to point out. I did find very few grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes but nothing problematical. A good copy editor could take care of that. I recommend this for ages 11 to 8 and rate it 4.5 stars out of 5.
Scottish siblings, Erin and Owen Macdonald, are swallowed by The Loch Ness Monster and brought to the magical land of Mythatania where all creatures heard of in Myth and Folklore have gone to escape the outside world. There they meet THE MYTHFITZ, a group of mythical youngsters and embark on a wonderful adventure.
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