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Recommended age 12-18
8 minutes
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Decent quality horror films are sparse, but recently horror movies have been making a comeback. This film is exceptional. It goes above and beyond what a short horror film generally does. The most amazing fact is that it is made by a high school boy. The location is in a beautiful, coniferous forest, which is a perfect location for the story. The production quality goes above and beyond my expectations. Everything about this film is impressive, from the location to the prop camera. The cinematography stands out above anything else. The natural lighting is incredible. Although, at some points it is too dark to see the actors' faces. For the most part, the visuals are stunning and clear and grab the viewer's attention. The film is well edited. The sound quality is its weakest component. I had to boost my speakers in order to hear some of the dialogue. I really enjoyed the soundtrack. The sound effects provide suspenseful noises that both create suspense and startle the viewer. The storyline flows wonderfully, with a clear and thrilling story line. The plot makes sense. The concepts are appropriate for the target audience. I enjoy how the ending is left open to the viewer's imagination. This film will show well at festivals suited for tweens and teens. I think this film will go very far, as will its director and crew. I heartily recommend it for the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival for ages 13 to 18, as well as adults and give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Anyone who enjoys horror films will love this 8 minute short. Reviewed by Chandler D. and Julie S., KIDS FIRST! Jurors.
Teenagers on a school field trip become lost in the woods and disturbing things start to happen. A stranger is watching them. In The Trees blurs the line between paranoia and reality.
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