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What to know: Wildly creative.
URBAN LEGENDS/ AUNTIE VERONICA is in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival - it may not be a regular, endorsed title
Recommended age 8-18
3 minutes
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I love this film! It is wildly creative and made me laugh multiple times. I liked it so much, I had to watch it twice. It goes by so fast that I needed to watch it again to catch everything. It is incredibly clever and has a unique storyline. I absolutely love that the story is told by a man who had only heard of Auntie Veronica. The concept is wild. It shows someone's imagination running amuck (in a great way). It truly exceeded my expectations in every way. I truly enjoyed it. The animation is quite different from anything I have ever seen. It seems to be made from paper cut outs, in layers. It is adorable, quirky and has lots of different patterns and colors. The images are clear and the images are constantly creative. The background music is also fun and playful and fits the film very well. The whole mood of the film is light, silly and fun. The story flows well. It has a beginning and ending, but there are no pressing conflicts or issues. The narrator describes and introduces Auntie Veronica who is quite the character. The description of her, her associates and her take on life is the whole storyline. She is some character. Silliness is the overriding theme of this film. It is very much watchable and completely enjoyable. The vocabulary and concepts are terrific and suitable for the recommended age. I recommend it for ages 8 to 18. Children will enjoy it because it is silly and humorous. And, adults will truly get a kick out of it as well. You should know that the narrative is in Hungarian with English sub-titles. I recommend this for the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival and give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. It has a brilliant story and it is told so well. Reviewed by Chandler D. and Julie S., KIDS FIRST! Jurors. My congratulations to Katalin Glaser, the filmmaker, for her cleverness in creating this. It is short at 3 minutes - and well worth every second!
A story about auntie Veronica, to whom Jesus had appeared many times in various forms and poses.
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