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75 minutes
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I love how this Iranian feature gives such a great perspective on the resourcefulness and persistence of kids and the beauty of collaboration. The young brother and sister demonstrate an admirable, never-give-up attitude as they overcome several obstacles while on their mission.

The young boy, Saeed has a big responsibility to take care of his sick grandmother. He's also got his hands full dealing with his impulsive sister, Sarah, who does a lot of annoying things that she's not supposed to. The siblings are on a journey around town to find a way to fix their grandmother's broken eyeglasses.

It is comical how these two kids clap their hands and shout out their sales pitch to passersby, to help sell the boy's goldfish and flowers, so they can all make the long trip together to the eyeglass repair shop outside of town. It is charming to see the children helping each other reach their goals and becoming friends in the process. Adults could learn from their example.

These kids are great at problem-solving for the benefit of their elders. This film shows strong family loyalty and respect within the Iranian and Afghan cultures.

My favorite parts of the film are the runaway aquarium cart that is rolls out-of-control downhill. I enjoyed the slapstick scenes of kids falling down and laughing after a long, hard day.

The talented Mr. Dadgol uses a sharp knife to perform some sort of mysterious, quick outpatient medical procedure on a squealing young boy. This had me wondering what that procedure was. He is also an eyeglass repairer, soldering technician, aquarium fixer and chauffeur. It is exciting to see a jack-of-all trades as a hero in this story. Another cultural curiosity is a smoke-emitting container being carried around during the Afghan wedding scene in Aman's town. There is also an interesting water-spilling and spreading ceremony at an Iranian gravesite.

This film demonstrates how teamwork goes a long way! I rate this film 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 7 to 12. It should be a huge hit at the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival showing the resourcefulness of young people and giving us insight into a different culture. Reviewed by Jeff M., KIDS FIRST! Adult Critic

About two children Saeed and Sara who break their grandmother's glasses. As they look to repair her glasses they get acquainted with an Afghan boy.
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