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12 minutes
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I have to say that, in the first few minutes of this film, I was not fond of it. However, as it rolls out, it draws you in and somehow, in its campiness, lies its charm. The opening scene has references to a girl's bosom multiple times by the two protagonists. It is poorly shot, with a window behind them and no fill light. However, the teen talent is all quite well cast, in the bumbling ways that only teens can do.

The dialogue is in Russian with English sub-titles. When the fun begins is the scene with the actor thugs being thwarted by real thugs and the lead protagonist steps in to "save the day." He spiels nuggets of lines from famous American thug films as he attempts to impress the young lady his heart is set on. This is repeated often, but not obnoxiously so and, in the end, well, in the end the girl does it as well. The acting is campy, the script is ridiculous and it's just the kind of a farce that would be a true hit with a tween and teen audience. I highly recommend this for KIDS FIRST! for ages 13 to 18 and give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. Reviewed by Julie S., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

Vasya, a diffident young man, asks his smart friend Jenya to help him impress a cute girl Vika who is Vasya's dream woman. Jenya offers Vasya to protect Vika from a fictional abduction with abductors being Jenya's friends. Our friends couldn't even imagine that alongside their fictional abduction 2 real criminals with nicknames Mathematik and Tychok want to abduct Vika in real time. Vasya's confidence in dangerous and complicated situation will allow him not only to beat the criminals, but also win Vika's attention.
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