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Recommended age 8-12
13 minutes
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I highly recommend this charming short from Dublin, Ireland. This is exactly the sort of film that we look for! The fantastical time and space elements are particularly enjoyable. I believe children will be drawn to it as they tend to love magical stories. This has an enticing story which draws the viewer in from the beginning to end. It flows well. The cinematography is excellent with clear audio and visuals. The sounds of the ocean and the breaking of the bottle stand out. The cinematography in coastal Ireland are stunningly beautiful. The lighting correlates well with the fantasy nature of the story and adds to its mystery. I love the key cast characters, the boy and the girl both give quite believable performances that make them seem quite real. Their expressions in their close-ups are completely charming. I really enjoyed the soundtrack. It is quite suitable for the storyline with sort of a Celtic sound and it adds to the sense of wonder throughout the film. To differentiate the 100 year difference in time, the characters' costumes obviously have to be different - some for the early 1900s and others for present day. They are well executed and suitable for the two time periods. The language is appropriate for the target age as well. This would make a great addition to any children or family film festival that wants to show how different cultures live in different times. I love the ending! The whole film is magically realistic! I heart fully recommend it for the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival for ages 8 to 12 and give it 5 out of 5 stars. Reviewed by Kimberly M. and Julie S., KIDS FIRST! jurors.
All In Good Time is a comic fantasy for children. It's about the friendship that develops between Mal, an Irish boy who lives on the west coast of Ireland in 1918 and Sam, an Indian-Irish girl who lives in the same place in 2018. They are magically able to communicate across the ages through messages in a bottle they throw into the sea. Their parents are too busy or sceptical to believe them but they don't care. They're having too much fun learning about each other's world and sending each other things through the bottle. Sam is also able to help Malachy confront the older boy who bullies him with the help of some modern intervention. But when Sam's Dad tells her they have to move away due to financial difficulties Malachy and Sam hatch a time-twisting plan to solve the problem. This is a visually-driven story with an emphasis on fun about the culture clash and unique friendship that develops between two mismatched kids who come from different worlds.
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