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Recommended age 10-16
20 minutes
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Cute. Great graphics, fun music, talented cast. This puppet character TV pilot strives to make us better people. It gives great examples of how we tend to generalize, stereotype and stigmatize people who are different than us. This prevents us from gaining a true understanding and appreciation of the world around us. Learning new ways to cope with the stresses and pressures of life is very important. We all benefit from curbing our anger, better managing our time and being more patient with others. Maybe some new friendships could result! The original music performed by the puppets is catchy, but many of the songs that the human characters sing sound a bit over simplified. I did have some issues with some of the audio, particularly in the opening scene when the host's voice is somewhat muffled. The puppets are terrific, ranging from a mop-head hairdo to a hip-flask carrying rat in overalls. The character who dresses up like an apple is great. His annoying scrap-tossing behavior is quite memorable. My favorite part was listening to the green-colored puppet on the bus, who speaks with a comical Indian accent. Foreign accents are often the target of prejudice and ridicule in our society. We should realize that diversity is great! The message is to do your best to respect and get along better with everyone, regardless of race, religion or gender. We all have positive things to offer this world, if given a chance. I recommend this to the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival without hesitation and give it 4 out of 5 stars. I recommend it for ages 5 to 12. Reviewed by Jeff M. and Julie S., KIDS FIRST! Jurors
Together Nation is an engaging and entertaining TV pilot where kids and puppets teach adults life lessons on how to behave better. This adult "kids show" will challenge you to thing about how you interact with others, and encourage you to to treat all people with respect, tolerance and compassion.
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