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What to know: My Little Pony always teaches kids lessons and morals in an interesting scenario that entertains while it teaches.
Recommended age 5-12
110 minutes
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I love how My Little Pony always teaches kids different lessons and morals in an interesting scenario. It is always intriguing to watch. These episodes teach deep messages that are crucial to know.

This DVD is mainly about Rarity and some of the challenges she goes through. The other ponies make appearances and help her through her problems, but sometimes they are the cause. It is fascinating to see all of the ponies' different takes on how the problems should be solved. They each have unique personalities, which sometimes clash, but may also be beneficial. This DVD is perfect to teach many great morals.

Rarity is either super confident or super stressed out. Tabith St. Germain, the voice of Rarity, articulates these emotions really well, while maintaining the sophisticated character that Rarity is. St. Germain is the perfect voice for this character. Fluttershy (Andrea Libman) is the kind of character who is very quiet, sounds very timid and doesn't use very much expression. Even though she is quite reserved, you can still sense her emotions. With the help of animating Fluttershy's face, we are able to see Fluttershy's emotions. Libman's voice over goes from very quiet and reserved to a whole other range of emotions.

Rarity's costumes are quite beautiful. They are unique to her personality, but with a little twist. I love the dresses that she comes up with, as well as the "ugly" dresses that the ponies closely monitor the making of. I thought it was so interesting to see the ponies' characteristics and personalities come out even more in the ugly dress.

My favorite scene in this DVD is when Rarity shows off the dresses she likes in her fashion show and, when asked who is the designer, she confidently struts out in a dress of her own. On the contrary, everyone hates the other dresses she showed the first time when she shamefully came out as the designer. I love this scene because, she is so happy to be the designer of her work the second time. The first time she tried to please her friends and that made a huge mess of her work.

The message of this DVD is all about working with other people, knowing you can't please everyone and forgiveness. Rarity learns all these lessons through her mistakes and the help of her friends. This DVD is very helpful for children experiencing problems of their own or just for learning new things. I give it 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 8 to 12. This is available on DVD now so look for it. Reviewed by Jolleen M., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12

Everyone clap your hands and get ready for a show! No, I don't mean just any show, I mean a fashion show by the one and only Rarity! This stunning and amazing pony is on a role, because in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Rarity she has brand new gowns and fabulous new looks, all while being a detective, a great sister and good friend. So, come on and let's see what Miss Rarity is up to now.

With this DVD, I got a Friendship card for National Friendship Day. I like it very much and can't wait to give it someone. After all, it is very cute and has the main six on it. If you have a friend who likes the show, you can bond over the card as well as the show. It is one of my favorites and I have quite a few friends who like it, because of the unique characters and storylines. Make sure to check out the sing-along so you can sing with Rarity and her friends.

The show's animation is very detailed. I sometimes feel like I'm a pony walking along the streets of Ponyville and Canterlot. Also, the town is just too adorable with all its bright colors and fun houses. This really adds eye candy. Young children will love the colors of the streets, as well as the ponies with their silly cutie marks on their flanks.

I enjoyed all the new episodes on this DVD, as well as some of the older ones, because we get Rarity (Tabitha St. Germain) for the kind, courteous and fabulous pony she truly is. They show her work life and her personal life so we see two different sides of her - one is very sweet and gentle towards the other ponies and her sister Sweetie Belle (Claire Margaret Corlett). The other side is very persuasive and passionate, but also full of flare and style, while making her outfits. Rarity is my pick of ponies, because she is not only a girly girl, but she is also a business woman and a magnificent friend.

My favorite episode on this DVD is "No Longer a Foal." I like this episode because it reminds me of my sister and how she sometimes thinks I'm a child (or in this case, a foal) and doesn't remember that I am 13! It also made me laugh when Sweetie Belle and Rarity take pictures and eat tiny ice creams.

I recommend this DVD for ages 4 to 15 and give it 4� out of 5 stars. It is available on DVD and Digital now so, go check it out.

Reviewed by Morgan B., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 13

This very wildly entertaining series is based off a sassy and sophisticated pony, Rarity. It's easy to consider her as a fan favorite, because she is a trend setter, go getter and very creative character. There are plenty of cameos of primary cast members, so this DVD appeals to a wide audience. The show has so many characters with powers, big personalities and lots of problem solving that children will enjoy. All the characters encounter circumstances and challenges, yet remain positive, honest, fair and friendly.

This DVD starts out by showing us a very patient Rarity going through drastic measures to prepare for an upcoming fashion show. Things don't go as planned. Most people will relate to putting others first or being flat out embarrassed which makes this completely relatable. Episode 2 is filled with suspense and action. Rarity is in sudden danger due to some greedy diamond dogs that want to strip her of her magical advantages. You won't believe how she strategically deals with these dogs. Episode 3 is about mystery and fashion. Lastly, episodes 4 and 5 really tie together nicely because they focus on internal beauty and lasting relationships.

The production is bright and colorful with excellent animation. The menu allows you to play separate episodes or all at once. It is only available in English as there are no other language choices to make. There are no bonus features. It does teach some practical skills such as sewing in Episode One. Episodes Two through Five address lots of pro-social behaviors and fashionable commentary. The comedic timing is extraordinarily entertaining as are the fun songs about friendship. The message of this show is about being true to your self, accepting of change and to learn more about what is pleasing inside of you.

I rate this 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 12. There are lessons to be learned in every episode, a fun sing-a-long and an overall loving and joyous show.

By Elle S., KIDS FIRST! Adult Juror

Friendship Is In Fashion! welcome to the Carousel Boutique, home of Ponyville's own fashionista -- not to mention Spike's #1 crush -- Rarity! But in addition to being up-to-date on the latest trends and styles, Rarity is particularly known for her generosity. See for yourself, as Rarity, along with her best friends, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy and, of course, Spike, prepare for the Grand Galloping Gala, search for the loveliest of gems, investigate crimes, and more!
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