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What to know: Heartfelt short teaching pro-social values of gratitude and more.
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Recommended age 4-8
26 minutes
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The Land of Woge is a simple yet heartfelt short that teaches kids pro-social values. Jack Kohler writes, directs and produces this film. He is a member of the Hoopa Valley Tribe and has worked with young people for some time. As a Native filmmaker, he has garnered many prestigious awards for his work, including working with young talent.

This educational show is based on an old Native American legend and focuses on teaching gratitude. The story follows a group of animals, which are actors in animal costumes, to learn life lessons. For example, in one scenario, Mouse is afraid of Sasquatch because he has heard stories about how mean and scary Sasquatch is. However, Mouse discovers that Sasquatch is exactly the opposite. This story teaches kids not to stereotype people, which is a great lesson to learn at a young age.

This film definitely has a good heart. It wants to teach viewers to respect the earth as well as other life lessons. Some of the vocabulary might be over the heads of younger kinds, but they would still get the core message. The sound track is quite well done and the cinematography is pretty good, for the most part. It's primarily shot outdoors and the setting is quite suitable for the show. One problem with the show is the acting by the child actors. At times, they seem to be reciting their lines but they don't seem to "live them." The music is well suited to the show and quite original.

For a low budget film, it truly strives to step up to the plate. And, it definitely has a heart behind it, which you can see in every scene. I recommend this film to the KIDS FIRST! Film Critic with the caveat that, the programmer needs to remember that the performers are not professional actors so, but the message is superb.

I give this film 3.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 4 to 8. Reviewed by Angel U., KIDS FIRST! Adult Juror.

In a time before humans inhabited the Earth, the animals could talk to each other. They taught each other through music and dance. Led by Little Big, of the Big Foot clan, the animals of the Redwood Forest teach each other how to be kind and caring. "The Land of Woge" is an educational children's TV program based off an old Native American legend: An ancient space creature comes to Earth to teach the plant people, rock people, and animals about the humans who would be arriving to Earth. The show is geared towards young children, ages 2-6, and focuses on teaching about gratitude. The show is musically charged, with lots of fun song and dance numbers, as well as encourages reading skills, cultural appreciation, and social intelligence skills.
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