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What to know: Very engaging, great characters, interesting storyline.
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Recommended age 8-12
92 minutes
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This screenplay is very engaging. It has great characters, a story line that flows well and a happy ending. I also like the subtle way a young girl and her father are able to bond over the past death of the mom / wife in a more positive way. The dialogue is natural and realistic and I can see this on a big screen. There are few grammar and spelling mistakes and over all it is entertaining and has lessons to be learned.

The characters are my favorite, especially Emma and her dad Basil. The dialogue is done well and, although it is a bit predictable at times, it does hold your interest. I wanted to keep reading to discover how it ends. The one weakness is that I wasn't quite sure how the bad guy ended up with the winning pig that belonged to someone else. I suspect that he paid Percy's father for it but would have liked for this to be clearer.

I believe it has commercial potential and like that there is a soundtrack and descriptions of the scenes. It's a realistic theme that resonates with today's environment, where the rich and powerful try to own everything, yet it ends well. It does have conflict and resolution, and the story line is done quite well. It flows well and the characters are natural and realistic. It has a bad guy but he actually changes at the end, which is a nice twist.

I liked how well the dialogue is formed and how natural it seems. It fits the characters and flows well.

I like that one of the main characters, Emma is persistent and does not give up easily. She is a good role model. I also like that the rich and powerful do not always win.

Kids could be asked what they learned from the story and who their favorite character is and why?

I would possibly make it a little more straight forward about how Bulbous Swigbottom (what a name!) gets hold of the pig that wins. Did he steal it or did he pay for it?

I found very few grammar and spelling mistakes. On page 11 there is one sentence that needs correction: She is doesn't seem to know anyone. But, over all there are few mistakes. YES ! Highly recommended. It meets or exceeds the KIDS FIRST! criteria, is appealing and engaging.

A young girl fights to save her town from an evil farmer who wants to transform it into a giant pig farm, while rediscovering her mother, who died when she was just a baby.
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