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The script was enjoyable to read. The term Film Noir (French for suspense film) is most likely a double-entendre since the main character is African-American and is a mystery solver. Strengths- Multicultural cast of characters, main character is an African-American female, which is unusual for any story. Weaknesses - One character is a bit stereotyped. Yes because the WHODUNIT mystery theme is very universal and the school setting makes it relatable to most viewers. Theme- Helping another out in a time of crisis and helping them receive justice. In an increasingly terrifying world and last years headlines exposing injustices against women, Kids need to know that they can attain control over some situations and feel empowered. Plot and Structure- Narrative Logic: A good example is when the viewer can sense that Minnie will get to dance with Vijay when in gym class by the end of the story. Emotional Impact: the best example is when the viewer wonders where Minnie's parents are (or what happened to them) at the synopsis' conclusion. Dramatic drive: a good example is when Vijay kicks open the bathroom door and Dash appears with a bloodied nose. Structure of the storyline: Introduction of characters and story, mystery to be solved, finding the culprit, and conclusion are clear and straightforward. Characters and dialogue: Minnie is the most thoroughly developed character because she is the main protagonist. She is quick-witted and adept, yet comes across as bashful to her crush Vijay, and is annoyed/irritated by her ally in crime-solving, Lincoln. The characters, such as Lincoln and Dash, are not as fully drawn out. They can be described as geeky and devious, respectively. Dialogue- an example of the wittiness, humor, and power in the dialogue includes Lincoln injecting comments at Minnie which irritates/annoy her, but makes the audience laugh. Rhythm/ pace: script does not seem to lag and is easy to read from beginning to end, making it a good film production choice (viewers would not zone out.) Tone of script is light-heartedness. Narrative voice: Minnie is the type of character who is driven and will fight for justice of the deserved and will not stop until she finds the justice. Nothing will get in her way. Highly recommended for ages 5-8. Reviewed by Kimberly M., KIDS FIRST! Juror.
Minnie Hughes is a hardboiled noir detective that also just so happens to also be the shortest girl in the fourth grade. When a candidate for class president's show and tell South African ostrich egg goes missing, Minnie jumps on the case. Meanwhile, she also deals with her best friend Lincoln Park feeling under appreciated after she calls him her secretary and struggles with asking her crush, Vijay Sampat, a kind of male femme fatale, to be her dance partner for gym class.
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