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What to know: Student western with a faith based message.
TREASURE HUNT is in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival - it may not be a regular, endorsed title
Recommended age 8-13
90 minutes
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Treasure Hunt is a pretty decent film, especially considering that it is essentially a student project. The story follows Lily, her husband Earnest and estranged cousin Sadie as they try to find a hidden wealth of money from a bank heist. I enjoyed some parts of the film and others not so much. The locations are really well selected. They really tried to capture the old west. The soundtrack is pretty good. It tries to deliver typical western songs with guitars and other instruments and accomplishes it quite well. The most appealing thing has to be the story which has a good heart to it. Most children will enjoy the old west theme. The story flows well. It does drag at times, but not too badly. It is easy to follow and makes a good deal of sense. Some of the language might go over the heads of younger kids. I need to discuss the acting in this film. In some parts the acting is fine, but in other parts it lacks emotion. For example, in one part it seems as if Sadie has betrayed Lily and Earnest. Then we discover it's a ruse when Lily, who has been angry at Sadie for a long time, delivers lines expressing her love for Sadie. But, the lines are delivered really flatly.

Overall, it is an okay film. Considering that it was created by the Christian Youth Film Society and that both the cast and crew are students who have attended their camps and workshops, I have to give the filmmaker credit for creating a credible product. It isn't completely mind-blowing, but it is entirely watchable. I believe it is most suitable for a student film festival since, the key above and below the line talent are all students (the youngest being 11 years old). I give this 3.5 out of 5 Stars and recommend it for ages 8 to 13.

Three desperate treasure hunters form an uneasy partnership to find hidden bank robbery loot. The difficulty of their quest escalates each moment because the married couple might lose their home, the wife doesn't trust her philandering cousin, there's a desperado in hot pursuit, and someone plans a betrayal.
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