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What to know: Sharming short teaching the resilience we all have within us.
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Recommended age 7-15
10 minutes
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What a lovely short film with a charming storyline that brought a tear to my eye. It teaches about the resilience we all have within us. The actors are excellent. The production quality is very good, from the visuals to the audio to the costumes, sets and locations. The language is appropriate for a youth or family audience. The story line is what is truly remarkable and heartfelt. There is an unspoken thing at the beginning of the film. We don't know what it is exactly but can extract from bits of conversation and costumes that perhaps the dad and son are recovering from the loss of the wife and mother, perhaps from cancer. When the dad buys a fish for his son, as a means to help him recover from his loss, it backfires when the fish dies the next day. How the dad deals with that, scurrying around to find a replacement before the boy comes home from school, fails. In the end, it's the boy who rescues his dad and perhaps both of them are better able to deal with their deep grief.

Mind you, this is not a sad film at all. On the contrary, it is very uplifting and funny most of the time. I highly recommend it for the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival for ages 7 to 15, as well as adults. It is sure to put a smile on everyone's face. Reviewed by Sev'n F and Julie S., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic and KIDS FIRST! Adult Juror

A humorous and heartwarming tale about a father, a son and a dead goldfish.
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