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Love, Gilda is an incredibly heartwarming and engaging story that entertained me thoroughly as well as educated me. When I sat down to watch it, I did not expect to like it nearly as much as I did. I was thoroughly impressed with how they portrayed Gilda, how they managed to hold your attention and how they tell a story that made me laugh, cry and relate. While watching, I felt as though, even though I had never met her, Gilda was a friend of mine.

Love, Gilda documents the life of comedian and actress Gilda Radner from her childhood, to her time on Saturday Night Live, to her health struggles towards the later part of her life. It chronicles the exciting and disheartening parts of her life, shows interviews with the current Saturday Night Live cast and includes snippets from her personal diary to illustrate how she felt about the events that occurred.

Something about this film that really stands out to me is how smoothly the storyline and plot flows. Documentaries, especially biographies, tend to give the audience too many irrelevant and unnecessary details that make it so difficult to sit through them and pay attention. But this film has an exceptional way of making me feel like a friend is talking and relating to me, instead of telling me something. It feels authentic and real. It feels as though Gilda herself is talking to me, which I partially accredit to her diary entries. I felt her pain. I felt her happiness. I laughed at her jokes. One part that really stands out is the scene in the hospital when she is being treated. Without giving too much away, that part really inspired me and left me with a happy feeling, even though it is a very sad scene.

This is an exceptional movie. I give it 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 10 to 18, as well as adults. Some of the subject matter in the film are a little mature and difficult to deal with. However, I really think that, even though there are many scenes that can be considered depressing, Gilda Radner had such an incredible outlook on life and she didn't feel sorry for or pity herself ever. Therefore, I never felt depressed. Love, Gilda tugged on my heartstrings, but also made me laugh. I am impressed with every aspect of it and I was entertained the whole way through. It is in theaters now, so look for it. Reviewed by Ella L., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 14

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In her own words, comedienne Gilda Radner looks back and reflects on her life and career. Weaving together recently discovered audiotapes, interviews with her friends, rare home movies and diaries read by modern day comediennes (including Amy Poehler), LOVE Gilda offers a unique window into the honest and whimsical world of a beloved performer whose greatest role was sharing her story.
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