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What to know: Well developed storyline and believable characters.
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Recommended age 12-18
122 minutes
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I like this script because the story line is well developed as are the characters. It has entertainment value and I believe that teenagers will enjoy the action and that it is unpredictable. I rate this 20 points out of 25 and recommend it for ages 12 through 18 years old. I like that there is slight humor and that it flows well.
RON PETERSON works for the enigmatic Halley-Byrd Institute. Several months after his wife leaves him and his adopted daughter subsequently runs away, he is give a case which involves two young adults who have been admitted into the hospital with injuries sustained in a cave-in at a construction site--found inside a heretofore hidden cave! Ron reports to the hospital where he is introduced to a girl, who looks to be of Native American descent, dressed in suede and leather, but whose clothing appears to have electronic components sewn within. The other youth, a boy, dies in the next room, his injuries too severe. After a briefing with hospital administrators, whose cooperative history with the Institute goes back some time, Ron visits the girl, now conscious, in her hospital room. While she speaks a Native American tongue, and no translator is available, Ron manages to bridge the communication gap enough to learn her name is ELIYSO. Eliyso bridges the gap significantly when powerful hunters, BALOS and WILANA, toting futuristic weapons storm the hospital in search of the slave girl, and the only way she can communicate the danger imminent is by initiating a telepathic link--a "joining" with Ron, which allows them both to speak either of their languages. After barely evading capture, and cut off from his supervisor, Ron learns from Ellie that she hails from a subterranean civilization. She knows she must journey "west" to the only safe haven for her What's more, the "joining" is more than telepathic in nature; it is symbiotic. And with each passing moment, the bond between Ron and continues to grow in strength. Can Ron get Eliyso where she needs to be, before the "topworld" sun hastens her demise or Balos and Wilana catch up with them to drag her in chains back into the depths?
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