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What to know: Mysterious and hopeful.
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Recommended age 8-12
2 minutes
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This student film is about a young girl named Parker and her cousin North. It serves as an introduction to Parker's world. In it, she mentions the circumstances for which North came to live with her, which is because his parents have passed away. This part feels somewhat a bit odd, but she also talks about a Scottish Popstar that she believes is responsible for the strange things that are happening in her town of Parkerville. When she talks about these mysteries it gives you hope and make you curious to see what she may be talking about. It definitely left me wondering exactly how North's parents' deaths fit into the story. The animation is simple as is the background music. Parker is voiced by Marlowe Peyton, who also is the director. I give this 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 8 to 12 and I do recommend it for the film festival. I hope that there's a sequel or a feature film that emerges from this. It's a great start! Reviewed by Rachael V., KIDS FIRST! Adult Juror.
Parker Bubblegum, a half Korean, homeschooled girl and her cousin three times removed North Havenhurst live in the tiny town of Parkerville, USA. Add a glitching Scottish pop star, an 8-bit pixel demon and a magical lake named Jerry and watch the two embark on a curse-filled adventure to save their little town from unknown evils.
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