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What to know: Enjoyable Korean short that gives insight into the culture as we watch a young actress try to cry on cue.
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Recommended age 5-12
22 minutes
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I really enjoyed this subtitled film from Korea. It gives us some insight into their culture. The storyline here is about Ung-Bi, a child actor, both in the film and in real life. She is adorable, in both appearance and performance. The film follows her auditioning for a role in a film when she has difficulty crying to play her character. She tries everything to learn how to cry on cue, from trying to think of something sad to trying to make herself sad. As a fellow filmmaker, I know that working with child actors can be difficult, from forgetting their lines to not being able to portray a particular emotion. But, I never found it irritating. This short film has a build up to something I thought was going to happen, but it never does. I like how it averted my expectations. The cinematography is very good. The plot flows easily and is easy to follow. The vocabulary is age appropriate for a youth audience. The performances are all very good. All the child actors are very talented and deliver very good performances, especially Ung-Bi. I give it 4 out of 5 stars and enthusiastically recommend it for the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival
Ung-bi, who is a child actor, is worried that she might not get the role because she can't cry. She tries hard to cry.
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