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What to know: Reassuring film about a relationship between an veteran and a young girl.
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Recommended age 5-12
13 minutes
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It is reassuring to see the healing powers of human touch and interaction. The open way in which a young girl, Emma, embraces Jim is very touching. She satisfies his need for positive human contact in a simple, trusting fashion. Their budding relationship restores one's faith in basic human kindness.

Jim is an elderly veteran with pleasant memories of his recently deceased wife. However, there is an element of sadness and loneliness in his current existence. Emma's mom (Carrie Plumley) picks up on his good nature and helps nurture a friendship that forms between the three of them.

The old man, Mr. Jim (Jack Mansbach) has a quick smile and knows how to make a child feel good about herself. The director creates wonderful contrasting sets from the bland, silent living room and kitchen in Mr. Jim's house to the energetic, bustling playground where Emma hangs out with her friends.

My favorite part of this film is the flashback scene when Jim, as a young soldier, carries his new bride across the threshold of their house. It is clear from the #24 on the doorpost that the couple lived in this same house throughout their entire marriage. It implies they had a happy, stable life together.

The message in this film is about giving elders in our society a chance. The benefits will be experienced by both sides. I give this film 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 12. Reviewed by Jeff M., KIDS FIRST! Adult Juror.

A recently widowed veteran gets a new lease on life by striking up a friendship with a mom and her young daughter.
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