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CAPTAIN REDLOCKS is in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival - it may not be a regular, endorsed title
Recommended age 8-12
100 minutes
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The story line could be more engaging with maybe a few twists and unpredictable scenes. It is overly predictable. There are quite a few grammar mistakes especially with the misuse of your and you're. That being said I give this a Qualified Yes and, with changes could rate higher. I like the characters and they are a strength in the script and I love that the main character who pretty much is the hero in the story is a female. I think that is a real positive in the script. I give this 3.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 8 to 12.
HOLLY STEPHENSON, 17, is the daughter of starship CMDR. RICHARD STEPHENSON, with whom she has been undertaking the loving labor of fully restoring an archaic spaceship, Bradbury, which they hope to enter in a space show in a year's time. But on the eve of her 18th birthday, alien invaders, slave drivers, possessing superior weapons, appear just outside our space and abducts the crew of the IDS Victorious--including Holly's father. All Coalition efforts to neutralize this new threat are easily thwarted, the sleek, STATE-OF-THE-ART ships vulnerable to the Vammorian technology. With bold, and perhaps foolish, determination, Holly commandeers an obsolete starship called Bradbury, which seems more suitable for a museum than battle, and, along with her brother and her snarky CPS personal computer named Cyprus, she sets off in pursuit of her father around the galaxy. Adding to the struggle is this: the neural transmitter both daughter and father had implanted within their brains, since recalled due to adverse effects to the bearers, are all that link them over the light-years. Will Holly find and rescue her dad before succumbing to the increasingly deleterious effects? Or will her raw determination be enough from keeping Bradbury fighting long enough to find and rescue her father and deliver a crippling blow to the hostile invaders she races to engage?
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