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What to know: Fun and fabulous show about enjoying life, one day at a time.
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Recommended age 2-10
12 minutes
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From the UK comes this three times BAFTA nominated animated pre-school comedy show where the hairier, the better. Sometimes, the whole world seems overgrown with different types of hair. This shows us a fun and colorful place to hang out with family and friends where you can enjoy.

Ma creates a toy called a hairy hideysun that comes in very handy around Hairyland. It is utilized as an umbrella, a flying mechanism and a strainer for a special cactus cocktail.

The production design includes Chateau Shampoo, a purple hairy-looking castle which makes a good addition to the set design. Many other features of the landscape are hairy, furry, fuzzy or feathery in appearance. It's probably the first time the audience has ever seen a stringy sun or car. So, the entire set is an accurate reflection of the film's title.

The dance scene with twirling, hairy hideysuns is well choreographed. The dancers spin around in well-timed unison. The music director has selected cheery, happy-go-lucky songs that will appeal to young children in the audience.

My favorite parts are the ranting-out-loud vocalizations of Boris Boo Hoo. Is he speaking a real language? His verbalized plans are nonsensical, but very appropriate for an eccentric character.

The message of this film is about enjoying life, one day at a time. Don't bog yourself down with too many plans or schemes for success. I give this short film 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 2 to 10. Reviewed by Jeff M., KIDS FIRST! Adult Juror

BAFTA winning and 3 times BAFTA nominated pre-school comedy show teaching kids to be generous, fun loving and inclusive. Singing, dancing and a lot of laughs!

The Ha Ha Hairies live in Hairyland, where the Hairy Fairies have turned the world hairy! Unfortunately they've run out of spells and can't change it back! However, the Ha Ha Hairies don't mind, they just enjoy life in each other's company, but the same can't be said for Boris Boo Hoo who's always got a plan and is generally up to no good!

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