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What to know: Enjoy all the flying objects - birds, airplanes, balloons and space rockets in this fun and colorful animated show.
Recommended age 2-10
7 minutes
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Discover so many different ways to fly in this short animated film from the U.K. The protagonist, Aziza, has a blast being air-lifted around the world in various ways. She learns how different flying objects manage to get off the ground.

The film features different types of flying objects, such as birds, airplanes, balloons and space rockets. Aziza gets to experience the power of them all. She finds out there are many cool places to travel to both on and beyond the earth.

This film utilizes an interesting type of animation. Aziza's face appears to be carved from wood, giving it lots textures and angles. The bright, colorful set looks like it is made of pieces of painted paper glued to a wall. It gives the background a mixed-media feel. The sky, clouds, mountains, ocean, planets and city skyscrapers are all constructed in the same way. It is an unusual and attractive set design.

I enjoyed the clever special effects where a swimming crab made of two reddish-colored hands flaps its fingers up and down in the ocean water. Similarly, the wings of a flying seagull seem to be constructed of two hands flapping in the air.

My favorite part is when Aziza rides on the back of her new friend, Stephan the Seagull, who brings Aziza to new, faraway places for adventures.

The message is to spread your wings and allow yourself to experience the marvels of the world. Travel can be very gratifying and exciting! I give this film 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 2 to 10. It would make a wonderful addition to any festival with a pre-school and early elementary audience.

Reviewed by Jeff M., KIDS FIRST! juror

Aziza wants to fly! But how? Go on this magical journey with Aziza, from the jungle, to the city, to outer space!

Let's Fly With Aziza is a digital adaptation of the children's stage production 'Let's Fly', which was a co-production between Little Angel Theatre, based in Islington in London, and Goblin Theatre.

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