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What to know: Explores the confusion teens go through in a humous way.
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Recommended age 12-16
15 minutes
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Oh man, there's so much on the line! This film shows how going to your first school dance can either make or break your future reputation at school. One wrong move, and you can be labeled a dork for the next few years. This short, live action film emphasizes the role of confusion in teenagers' lives. Nick, the main character, is confused and uncertain about what girls really want. Then, there's mixed-up communication over which April is supposed to be his date for the school dance. Finally, the three Aprils fool Nick into thinking that he's in control of the situation. The screenwriter chooses some fun dialogue for Dr. Dee Light, the TV dating advisor. Dr. Light speaks with a fake Russian accent, talks about babushkas, and jokes about how many sides there really are to a woman. Her costume, with the ridiculously long cigarette holder, is also hilarious. The sets are a bit underwhelming, although appropriate for the story with very typical places such as garages, kitchens and school auditoriums. The camera work is pretty good, although it's a bit on the dark side. Better lighting could have helped amp it up. The audio is well done and there is really no background music, except at the dance. It is well cast, with each character played in a quite believable way. My favorite part is seeing the dad dancing and singing into a wooden spoon as a microphone, while cooking dinner. This provides good comic relief for the tense household. I also enjoyed watching Nick practice his dancing in front of a TV screen, obviously getting some tips from YouTube or similar. The message of the film is to appreciate being invited to a party. It's a lot better than being left out. Feeling included and accepted is very important to teenagers. I give this film 4 out of 5 stars. I recommend it for ages 12 to 16. Reviewed by Jeff M., KIDS FIRST! Adult critic. Reviewed by Jeff M. and Julie S., KIDS FIRST! Adult jurors.
Nick is going to his first school dance and it's a turn-about. After confirming he'll go with April, he turns to the women in his life for advice. On the night of the dance, Nick must use all the advice he received to turn a disaster into a dance to remember.
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