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What to know: Touches your heart watching a group of siblings deal with life after they are orphaned.
UNICORN SISTERS,THE is in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival - it may not be a regular, endorsed title
Recommended age 7-10
22 minutes
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The Unicorn Sisters is about three recently orphaned sisters who live with their older brother in horrible living conditions where they experience malnourishment and verbal abuse from the older brother, who cares more about his video games and concerts than his own kin. They go to school and are bullied by multiple groups of people. When one of the siblings passes out, the sisters' teachers are concerned and child services plan to take the children away. At times, you sense a certain empathy for his siblings and then he yells at them for no reason. The acting is not very good. All the child actors and, even some of the adult performances feel so unnatural. They seem to struggle to get through their lines without pausing awkwardly in the middle of them. The production values are okay although the CGI backgrounds aren't very realistic. The film does have a rather sweet ending. I give this 1 out of 5 stars and an age rating of 7 to 10 for its themes of child abuse and malnourishment. I do not feel this is ready for exposition yet. It needs some work. Reviewed by Benjamin Price, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic age 13
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As three sisters suddenly become orphans, Julia, the oldest of the siblings finds a way to cope with the loss in writing poems. Her endless love, courage and expression of hope in understanding true depths of life, unexpectedly transform lives of many. ? She gives love and courage freely, as she reads her poems to Joey, a boy who is bedridden in the local hospital. ? Julia's only wish is to find happiness in a long desired friendship with the most popular girl in school, Kelly. ? Kelly's sister Millie is in the same hospital as Joey, battling a similar disease. ? Kelly is slowly realizing true meaning of life as she is secretly listening to Julia's poems. Kelly's behavior towards her ill sister Millie changes and the magic of life's simplicity opens the door to a new friendship.
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